BMM Testlabs Recommends Approval of Playport™ Class II Gaming System

May 3, 2018 Press Releases 0

Playport provides tribal casinos the ability to sell new-style Class II digital instant win games.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (May 3, 2018). Playport Gaming Systems (“PGS”), a digital marketing and game technology company, today announced the approval for release of their patented Playport Class II instant win gaming system.

“PGS engaged BMM Testlabs to evaluate our Playport Class II gaming system based on their world-class reputation as one of the most experienced gaming testing laboratories in the world,” said Frank Rash, PGS’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our system is built using cutting-edge digital technology, so it was important Playport be put through the rigorous testing criteria used by BMM to absolutely ensure the system meets the compliance standards required by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.”

“BMM is excited to be part of this new product,” commented Mike Ornstein, Vice President, Business Development BMM North America. “We pride ourselves on being a go-to-market testing partner and look forward to our continued partnership with Playport.”

Playport is both disruptive and transformative by providing tribal casino operators with the tools to fundamentally change how the sales and marketing of Class II instant win games is conducted and their relationship with players.

About Playport Gaming Systems

Playport Gaming Systems LLC (“PGS”), digitally connect players with lottery retailers and casinos for the sale of instant win and linked progressive games. Through its patented Playport gaming technology, PGS provides a real money wagering and marketing software platform that allows lottery retailers and casinos to sell digital custom-designed and branded instant win and progressive games, that integrate seamlessly with their existing POS systems and digital properties. Playport is regulatory compliant, requires zero capital expenditure and all ticket sales remain at retail, bringing retailers more revenue, customer insight and loyalty.

PGS is changing how instant win games are played and sold by providing players more choice and a better game play experience through use of mobile based ecommerce. With offices in Overland Park, Kansas, PGS is an active associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA). For more information, visit

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