Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online? (and Is it Legal?)

August 13, 2019 Blog 0

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online? (and Is it Legal?)

can you buy lottery tickets online?

Step right up, lottery lovers. The game’s exciting nature seems to get more accessible and thrilling every year! We’re addicted to it. And who can blame us? Each time you buy a ticket, you’re filled with the hope of what if… Somebody must win. They always do. And why not you?

But you may be wondering about online lottery tickets in the USA. There’s so much on the web these days. What’s legit, and what’s not?

Can I buy lottery tickets online? And is it legal to buy US lottery tickets online? If you’re curious about either of these topics, stick around. It can get confusing with different state regulations, but we hope to make it a bit simpler for you today.

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

So, can you play the lottery online? Most states still do require that you purchase your lotto tickets in person at an authorized retailer. But there are a few states moving into the online realms of sales. And interest is still growing. So, you may see more opportunities to play online in the near future!

Can Lottery Tickets Be Purchased Online Safely?

Can I play the lottery online safely? The United States government goes to great lengths to ensure online tickets and information are protected. Billions of dollars are spent on lottery tickets every year in this country. It’s important that all tickets are valid.

Online sales, as well as retailer sales, are heavily regulated. The potential for fraudulent tickets is extraordinary, so precautions are taken. 

Because hackers and scam artists could take advantage of the online system, many states prohibit the sales of online lottery tickets. And even if it’s not illegal, there are many restrictions in place. 

Is It Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online Through a Proxy?

With some states like California and Texas, you can turn to an online service. Essentially, you’re paying someone else to get your ticket. But risks are included in the deal.

You’ll find that some states don’t accept winning tickets when they’re purchased in this manner. Always double-check online rules. When in doubt, buy your own lottery tickets at a retail counter.

Is it Legal to Sell Lottery Tickets Online?

Only authorized retailers may do so. And they must do so within a state that approves of online lotto sales. Otherwise, it’s a federal crime to sell or resell lottery tickets online.

States That Sell Legal Online Lottery Tickets

Can I purchase lottery tickets online from any lottery-playing state? Here’s the current list for states that sell individual lottery tickets online.

is it legal to buy lottery tickets online?

(But keep an eye out for updates. The online lottery world is constantly shifting and evolving. Also, some of these sell Mega Millions, and some don’t. Others offer Powerball; others don’t. A few only offer their in-state draws. Check and see what your state allows online.)

  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania

Buying Mega Millions Tickets Online

You probably recognize the name of this famous multi-state lottery. The jackpots are enormous. Mega Millions, along with Powerball, is the largest and most well-known of the multi-state lotteries. But can I buy lotto tickets online for Mega Millions?

Some states like Georgia and Illinois allow you to purchase Mega Millions tickets directly. They may ask you to create an account first. 

You might also use authorized sites that have their own set of fees and requirements. So be sure to read carefully before agreeing to play. 

Your safest bet is to go through official state lottery websites. Play safe! Research before you commit. Once again, some states do not accept winners when tickets are purchased in certain ways.

Legal Online Lottery Subscriptions

A few more states participate in online lottery subscriptions. Just because your state doesn’t sell individual tickets doesn’t mean they’re completely offline. Subscriptions allow you to play from the comfort of your own home. You get to register, pick your numbers ahead of time, and the lottery will do the rest.

They’ll buy your tickets for you and check them for winning digits! It’s super convenient. The only setback you may see is that you’re required to purchase entries for multiple drawings. But hey, this requirement will increase your chances, right?

Here are states with online lottery subscriptions:

  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • New York
  • Virginia


Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online from Another State?

You may be asking, “Can I buy lottery tickets from another state online?” You must be a resident of one of the states where lottery tickets are sold online. And you must be within state borders at the time you’re purchasing tickets online. 

And you’ll need to register with your state lottery before buying lottery tickets online. You’ll be required to provide a valid email, physical address, and other personal information. The lottery will also need your form of payment.

Learn How Playport Is Mobilizing the Lottery Experience

With Playport, lottery retailers will have the ability to sell customized digital instant-win and other progressive games through their existing POS system. It can be a great move for those with expanding client bases who want new challenges. Players have tons of options and an overall exciting and smooth gameplay experience without the burden of physical tickets.

Mobile-based instant win game platforms like Playport are changing the face of the lottery. Perhaps soon, residents in more states will be able to engage – right from their laptops and phones!