Top Technology in Retail Stores to Enhance Customer Experience

February 25, 2020 Blog 0
customer experience technology in retail stores

Before the vast range of technological advancements in the retail industry, the main way to improve customer experience was to conduct customer surveys. However, recent studies have shown that surveys are frequently an unreliable tool for representative feedback.

Brick-and-mortar stores need to constantly evolve in order to compete with online retailers. With all the different types of new technology in the retail industry, it can be hard to choose which ones to implement!

We’ve compiled a shortlist of some great examples (like mobile scratch-off tickets) of digital technology in retail stores today.

5 Examples of Improving the In-Store Customer Experience with Technology in the Retail Industry

Using technology to enhance customer experience is all about anticipating your patrons’ needs and improving your store’s efficiency. Learn how to enhance customer experience in retail stores with these five technologies.

1. Predictive Analytics

Analyzing your customers’ behavior and demographic can greatly improve all areas of their in-store experience. Predictive analytics allows you to anticipate which products to have in stock, which promotions to run and for whom, which methods could be tweaked for maximum efficiency, and help you cut costs by getting rid of strategies that don’t work.

For example, identifying the most popular areas of your store during different seasons can help with strategic staff placement and scheduling. This helps customers find help more easily when they need it. In short, predictive analytics helps you uncover previously unnoticed customer patterns for steady profit gains.

2. Automated Stock Management

Automated stock management saves you time and energy while minimizing human errors when in your store’s inventory. Real-time tracking allows you to keep up-to-date on exactly what your store has and what’s on its way.

Instead of having an employee keep track of what goes in and out of your store, this technology automatically updates each item’s status so employees can focus on interpersonal value-drivers. This automation helps to prevent inevitable employee mistakes. Automated stock management also helps prevent overselling a product, which can upset customers greatly.

3. Digital Shelf Labels

Digital shelf labels help save you time and money on several points of the customer’s journey while minimizing conflicts due to price changes. Changing price tags can be a time-consuming task that ties up higher-level employees when they could be accomplishing other things.

With digital labels, you can easily update pricing and other information such as nutrition facts and expiry dates. It also prevents customers from seeing old prices, so they don’t get surprised at the checkout counter.

4. Cashier-less Checkout for Shorter Lines

One of the most common digital technologies in retail stores is the self-checkout. Cashier-less checkouts allow customers to avoid long lines by keeping a larger total number of checkouts open.

If your store does not have a self-service checkout, busy customers looking to grab a few items will avoid your store when its packed and turn to one of your competitors that do have self-checkout counters. Customer convenience should be your priority and a self-checkout is an excellent start.

5. Digitizing Scratch-Off Tickets & Sales

Lottery tickets are one of the most profitable and popular products at many retail stores. Having these products digitized helps your store in several ways. It enhances the customer experience by no longer requiring them to have physical tickets that are easily lost or destroyed, and they can easily check their winnings at any time.

On the business’s end, having digital lottery tickets means retailers no longer need to manage large inventories of physical, printed tickets. Instead of having a large, cluttered display of lottery tickets at the checkout counter, and valuable space can be freed up to highlight other profitable items.

Digital purchases also allow you to easily collect customer data and utilize mobile marketing campaigns via push notifications to recommend other products to your customers when they’re not physically in your store.

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