Our Product.


Playport provides tribal casinos the ability to sell new-style Class II games that mimic those lottery and charitable games successfully sold by retail based gaming operators. Playport supports hundreds of play styles that are new to the casino floor yet already popular among casino customers. Playport provides casinos with the tools to fundamentally change how the sales and marketing of instant win games is conducted and the relationship with players.

Digitize Play Experience By digitizing the play experience, Playport allows for collection of player contact information, demographic, geographic and purchase characteristics and the opportunity to conduct surveys, remarketing campaigns and introduce casino-branded games and promotions.
Closed Loop system Playport is a closed loop system with all games purchased and all prizes paid on tribal lands. When players buy more games than they play on-site, they must return to your casino to collect their winnings. This scenario can lead to increased foot traffic from players of class II games.
Tribal Casino Customer National studies show that tribal casino customers are 200% more likely to buy games at retail stores than any other product sold at retail. With Playport, popular retail sold games become part of the casino game portfolio and offer new reasons for players to spend their gaming dollars in casinos.

Real Money Class II Mobile Gaming For Your Players...It's Here NOW!

Custom Branding

Playport may be custom-branded to align with the casino’s marketing strategy and provides the opportunity for: 

  • Custom Branded Games, including holiday or theme branded games for sponsored events to engage players
  • Co-branded game themes to appeal to a large variety of consumer brands and content providers, including the offer of exciting prizes from national brands
  • Fast and frequent refreshment of new games to fulfill any game marketing opportunity