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Playport gives players an easy way to buy instant win games through your existing POS system that they can play on a phone app, with an unlimited selection of entertaining and rewarding game products that can be easily selected and organized.

Playport is an economical solution for retailers to sell instant win games. Playport eliminates the high cost of ordering and managing inventory of a large number of printed game tickets and the challenge of displaying a large number of games and extra hardware without cluttering your valuable retail space.

Because Playport games are purchased and prizes redeemed at retail locations (just like tickets), you can maintain the volume of foot traffic at your store.

The Playport instant win game platform provides a way to collect player demographic, geographic, and contact information and purchase characteristics. Our technology also facilitates the opportunity to conduct surveys, remarketing campaigns and introduce retailer-branded games and promotions that can help drive sales at your store!

Playport Helps Your Retail Location Win By: