mobilizing real money games

by digitally connecting players with lottery retailers and casinos for the sale of instant win and progressive games

Why Playport?

$ Billion
It’s how much the global lottery industry generates in annual revenue, including over $88 billion in instant win games, which have been growing at a rate 2x greater than all other lottery products combined.


  • is a patented mobile application, using smart phone shopping technology similar to Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, to enable purchase of new-style digital instant win and progressive games.

  • is changing how instant win games are played and sold by providing players more choice and a better game play experience through use of mobile based ecommerce.

  • eliminates the need for pre-printed tickets and retail terminal printers, allowing players to select and play from a vast library of instant games on a mobile device wherever, whenever they want.

  • allows for collection of player contact information, demographic, geographic and purchase characteristics and the opportunity to conduct surveys, remarketing campaigns and introduce custom-branded games and promotions.

  • fulfills all regulatory, accounting, security and auditing requirements, and enables any POS system to sell games.