Types of Lottery & Lottery Tickets in the US

November 12, 2019 Blog 0
types of lottery in USA

Curious about the different types of lottery tickets in the US? We’ll give you an overview of the most common types of lotto tickets and types of lotto games out there.

Keep reading for more details on one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in the world!

Types of Lottery in USA

There’s something about the lottery that thrills us. It’s a long shot, but one we love taking. The question of “what if?” pulls us back time and again. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most popular lottery types in the US.

The Lotto ($1/ticket)

This is the granddaddy of them all. You’ve seen it: Mega Millions.

It’s the big-time main game among all the different types of lotto games in America. Hundreds of millions of dollars, anyone? Yeah, we’ll take our chances.

Pick 6 numbers. It’s that simple. If they’re drawn in any order, the lotto jackpot can certainly change your life. It doesn’t stop there either. Matches on five numbers or less, in some instances, can pay big. If no one wins, the money rolls over. 

Powerball ($2/ticket)

You’ve got a great chance of winning this one, but it’s two bucks to play. Match 5 white balls and then a sixth red ball. And numbers can be in any order. Usually the jackpot is at 20 million or more.

Though you have a greater chance at winning Powerball, you may not be the only winner. The prize is split among winners. Note that 5 (or less in some cases) matching balls can still put you in the payout zone.

Dailies ($0.50-$1/ticket)

In most states, you can play twice a day. It’s simple: you have Pick 3, Pick 4, and Fantasy 5. You choose a series of numbers. And you play straight or box. Straight means the numbers appear in your chosen order. Box must have the numbers but not in any order.

Straight gets you more money if you win. You could win up to $175K on these games.

Little Lotto ($1/ticket)

This is like the Mega Millions, but you have better odds. The payouts are lower, and you must select fewer numbers. No need to have your selected numbers drawn in order.

These games are played more frequently than the Mega Millions – usually up to 7 days a week! The jackpots are smaller, but you stand greater and more frequent chances of winning.

Instant Win Games ($1-$50/ticket)

Maybe you call them “scratch-offs” or “scratch cards.” Some call them good old fashioned fun! Sometimes, the payout is large. Other times, it’s small. It all depends on how much you’re spending. And really, you can spend what you want, remembering that odds can be as sweet as 1:3.

Most importantly, you win or lose in the moment. You hold the chance you’re taking in your hands. And there’s something exciting about that, right? The instant win game is a type of lottery that is often holiday-themed and certainly state-specific.

Multi-State Games ($2/ticket)

These types of lottery tickets are only offered by some states. In fact, a few states have more than a single lottery. Take Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. They regulate their own state-specific lotteries. But they also have the multi-state game, Tri-State Lotto.

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Disclaimer: Data based on best available data at time of writing. See your lottery’s official lottery retailer guidelines for more details.