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Mobilizing Real Money Games

Playport™ is a patented mobile application, using smart phone shopping technology similar to Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, to enable purchase of new-style digital instant win and progressive games using existing lottery retailer and casino operators POS systems

Playport allows players to select from a vast library of games, frequently refreshed to appeal to any player interest.  Players buy instant win and progressive games and collect winnings at a retailer or casino, but select and play their games on a mobile device wherever, whenever they want.

Playport provides players the benefits of mobile e-commerce, fulfills all regulatory, accounting, security and auditing requirements, enables any POS system to sale games and requires no additional capital expenditure or hardware.

Playport’s platform-based model sustains innovation by expanding its functionality to promote player loyalty and engagement by allowing for:

  • Collection of player contact information, demographic, geographic and psychographic characteristics

  • The opportunity to conduct insightful surveys and remarketing campaigns

  • Introduction of retailer branded games and promotions and game sponsorship with 3rd party product and content providers