Real Money Mobile Games… for my Players?

October 29, 2019 Blog 0

Real Money Mobile Games… for My Players?

Yes, Class II Digital Game Wagering is here, now

Playport money mobile games

By Jim Nulph, Raving Partner

The Wire Act of 1961. The 2001 Department of Justice opinion re: The Wire Act. The 2011 Department of Justice clarification of that opinion. Ever-changing legal opinions and potential new change initiatives such as “The Restoration of America’s Wire Act”. Whew!

What exactly is covered? Sports-betting? Online poker? What about online casino games? Is it just the transfer of money associated with online gambling, or is it the gambling games themselves? And how long before pending legislation changes it? “Answer in the form of a question, please…”

Despite the Wire Act confusion, one thing’s for sure. Specific to tribal casinos, under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) passed in 1988, Tribes retain their authority to conduct, license, and regulate class II gaming so long as the state in which the Tribe is located permits such gaming for any purpose, and the Tribal government adopts a gaming ordinance approved by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC). So, while the interstate online gambling debate rages on, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act clearly supports the use of new technologies for Class II gaming at tribal casinos.

New Class II Technology, New Revenue, No Capital Expenditure

Introducing… Playport Gaming’s ground-breaking new smart phone platform for Class II digital games. The good news for tribal casino operators? We’re not talking social casinos here, but truly new Class II technology; a real money, mobile, wagering and marketing software platform that fulfills all tribal regulatory, accounting, security and auditing requirements and can be implemented NOW.

So how is this mobile gaming platform legal under the existing federal Wire Act? Playport’s key innovation is on-property sale and cashing of live draw bingo games using casino guest’s smartphones and the patented Playport mobile application. Playport’s instant win game platform allows game reveal anywhere and everywhere, with all games purchased and all prizes paid in the casino property.

It integrates seamlessly into your existing POS system; winning tickets are validated, and prizes awarded at your casino using the same system used to manage other gaming transactions. Like Class II electronic gaming machine (EGM) options, Playport offers players different electronic aids to playing Bingo. Unlike EGM options, these electronic aids are not limited by cost and floor space because they are offered through the player’s phone.

This combination of smartphone and retail technology is called “click-to-brick”. It allows consumers to use their phones to enhance their shopping experience while at brick-and-mortar retailers. McDonald’s uses click-to-brick to sell burgers. Best Buy uses click-to-brick to sell electronics, and Walmart uses click-to-brick to sell almost anything.

By using these same click-to-brick technologies, tribal casino operators may now sell real money digital games while avoiding the poor user experience caused by complex Internet gaming account setup and while also avoiding the uncertain legal risk of differing interpretations of the federal Wire Act.

Playport has received Class II technical certification by BMM Labs and has been certified Class II by tribal gaming authorities in two states. And the best part?  Playport is a new revenue stream that requires no new games on the floor. That’s right, no footprint or banking issues to impact your current game layout.

But how about budget impact? Playport comes through here, too. Playport offers flexible pricing terms to help address any current year budget constraints.

Connect to Your Players Like Never Before

Real money mobile play is not the only plus for tribal operators. Extend your brand? Sure. The Playport mobile app is completely flexible to adapt to your specific branding strategy. It can integrate into your existing mobile app, or, it can be your mobile app.

The Playport smartphone app allows tribal casinos to deliver casino-branded games, conduct surveys, launch remarketing campaigns, and send targeted “in-app” push notifications. They can also easily send broad push notifications about casino-branded games that build on common marketing opportunities like seasonal games (Halloween Cash, Major League Moolah), and casino focus-area games (Buffet Bucks, Tee Off to Win).

How about the support of your current player marketing campaigns and events? Check. Combine Playport’s fast refresh game platform and your casino marketers’ imaginations, and you’ll get powerful new tactics to support and promote any casino marketing program with real money smartphone games. Imagine Concert Cash or MMA Money or Spin-To-Win extensions…

How about additional property visits? Check. The Playport app, coupled with your targeted marketing plans should also drive additional property visits by your customers to cash-in winning game tickets.

How about better data-driven insight into your customers’ preferences? Check. Playport’s smart phone platform allows for collection of player contact information, demographic and geographic data points, and purchase characteristics.

Players Get What They Want, too…

Start with more fun!  Because they are offered through the player’s phone and not an on-floor EGM, there is literally no limit to Playport game themes, play styles, pay tables, or denominations. Players love shopping to find the games that fit their personality and play style, while offering a chance at a real money instant win up to $20,000. Playport facilitates conversion of your customers from “pure social casino play for virtual money” on their phones to “a chance to win real money” on their phones; offline, anywhere, anytime, and under your casino’s brand.

National studies show that tribal casino customers are 200% more likely to buy games at retail stores than any other product sold at retail. With Playport, popular retail-sold games become part of your casino’s game portfolio and offer new reasons for players to spend their gaming dollars in your casino.

And players can get more points; your loyalty program points. That’s right, your players can receive your casino’s loyalty program points for game purchases. They can even buy games using your casino’s loyalty program points.

The Bottom Line…

Leverage your substantial loyalty program investment. Leverage your substantial existing casino marketing campaign investment. And, while you’re at it, build a new revenue stream at the same time. Experience (and enjoy!) Playport’s “gold standard” game launch planning and flawless execution. Visit to learn more, or download a demo version of Playport to your phone from the Apple or Google app stores by using the keyword search “playport.”